Exploring ASP.NET MVC application architecture

I am planning on exploring how to architect a good MVC application. During this exploration I found some interesting web-resources. I might be using this post in possible future blog posts as a reference.

Sample apps

I really think that looking at other peoples code can give you great ideas about what to do and what not. So here are some sample apps to look at. You could look at SharpArchitecture also as a sample app but I thought that one deserved a paragraph of it’s own.

  • I don’t know Rob Connery personally but you gotta love what he does. StoreFront, is his sample app. And you can find a lot about it here.
  • Read the separate Oxite paragraph for more details before downloading ! Oxite got a lot of bad credits but combined with the critics you can find it still has value in learning how to architect an MVC app or how not to architect an MVC app.
  • NerdDinner is rather basic but still is a nice starter with a free chapter of the “Proffesional ASP.NET MVC 1.0” book coming with it.
  • Codecamp server is on my list to explore, haven’t seen it yet. Is is part of the “ASP.NET MVC in Action” book.


SharpArchitecture already has an architecture and while exploring it you can get very inspired. As far as I can tell there went a lot of thought in this architecture and for now I see it as a starting and reference point for my explorations.

You can find it here.


When Oxite got out it got a lot of criticism, but also a lot of love to make it better. There is a lot to find in the comments about Oxite about what people expect from an MVC app.

  • This tweet from Simone Chiaretta is what most people thought about Oxite when it got out.
  • This post is my all-time Oxite favourite. Rob Connery gives explanations and solutions.
  • Chad Myers is a good second with also constructive comments
  • Although I don’t like the tone, this post still has some great comments.
  • A collection of Oxite tweets

Screen casts

Most screen casts are not on an architecture level, but I do believe that the more details you know, the better you can architect the application. Also you need to be aware that these screen casts might be about different versions of the MVC framework.


  • This post by David Hayden says enough about some books, take your pick.
  • This is a nice Stackoverflow answer about some books.


I just had to mention these posts, but did not have a real category for it.

Other posts like this one

You wouldn’t have guessed it, but other people have collected resources too.

I hope everybody has just as much fun as I have exploring this. If anybody has something to add, please do so in  the comments.