Testing code formatting in blog post

A while ago I started a blog. In the beginning I came across a visual studio add-in for showing sources as HTML. I just had to test it. You can find the tool here CopySourceAsHtml.

A result of this add-in is the one below.

  250  private static void MakeFileWritable(FileSystemInfo dsInfo)

  251         {

  252             FileAttributes flags;

  253             flags = dsInfo.Attributes;

  254             if (flags == FileAttributes.ReadOnly)

  255             {

  256                 flags &= ~FileAttributes.ReadOnly;

  257             }

  258             dsInfo.Attributes = flags;

  259         }


I think it looks pretty kewl. It wasn’t a smart thing to use the horrible colours on the download page. Luckily the html will look exactly the same as it looks in visual studio.

Starting blogging

After a lot of thought I decided to start a blog.

Starting with this inevitable meme.

Why do I want to blog ?
•    I can use blogging as a learning aid.
•    it can be fun.
•    to find people who have the same interests and are willing to exchange thoughts.

Why I don’t blog ?
•    to show off my enormous knowledge (because it isn’t)
•    to evangelize any technology or methodology

What do I want to blog about?
•    fun pieces of code that I have written
•    architectures I have worked on.
•    books I have read
•    other blog posts I have read
•    seminars/meetings I went to

Random keywords that will come up in this blog.
•    C#
•    OOAD
•    Software Architecture
•    Agile
•    Design Patterns
•    Team foundation server
•    Team Build
•    Resharper
•    VS200*