Devnology Community Day

Saturday November the 17th 2009 Devnology held their first Devnology Community Day. A great day with amazing content for developers.This post gives my impressions of the day.

For people who don’t like to read just watch the slideshow.

General Impression

When you put a  group of people that all share the same interests in a room it always creates a breeding ground for discussions and sharing knowledge. If you than put these same people in a nice building, feed them and in general make sure they have nothing to complain it only gets better. I could feel this from the first minute I arrived at the community day and it lasted for the rest of the day. The only thing I possible can complain about was the lack of an internet connection. This was an unforeseen problem and will be double checked next time. Pieter Joost promised me so it must be true.


The session where divers in content and in setting, there were workshops, presentations, Chalk ‘n Talks and Lightning talks. Topics you could choose from are in the table below.

An introduction to Functional Programming using Haskell The Lean Lego Game Software engineering and multicore applications
Introduction to BDD Code reviews Software development anti patters found in the real world
Building an artificial game player in smalltalk Flying Horses – cleaner  code in other languages Math for Programmers
From idea to successful ISV: Traps and tricks Ten things you should know about model driven development An introduction to Ruby
Software Transactional Memory Give your code some love Message passing concurrency with F#
File Carving revisited (with Scala) Introduction to Acceptance Test Driven Development

I learned some Haskell ( Even won a book ), got an introduction to Ruby and saw some amazing Java code for Software transactional Memory.


Devnology is a great organization that already has organized a lot of amazing meetings. A panel discussion on Model Driven development and a session with Greg Young about domain driven design are just a few of the highlights. Devnology has a mission that says it all:

Devnology aims to provide the Dutch software development community with opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience. We aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice of software development.

Most of the twitter tweets about Devnology use #devnology so you can see what people are saying over here.

Contacting and asking Devnolgy questions is easy, just follow this English contact page, they are all very involved and more than willing to answer questions.

Devnology depends on sponsors and so far they had some great sponsors. The community day was held at VXCompany in Baarn. VXCompany hosted the event very well and free charge.


I had a very well spent Saturday. Everything was taken care off but there also was a lot of freedom to find your way. The speakers were very involved, very easy to talk to and as far as I can assess very knowledgeable. You just have to love the organizers, the speakers and the attendees for giving up their free Saturday and making this an event to remember.